Privacy Policy

PPC is committed to your privacy and your rights as our customer. Any information gathered by PPC will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used or shared in ways for which you have specifically consented. The following statement discloses our standard practice regarding the information we collect and the information we hold on behalf of our customers.

This privacy policy only applies to the PPC website The privacy policy applies to information that is given offline as well as on the PPC website. The policy does not pertain to third party web sites that are accessible through NYMP's website. PPC proposes that you read the privacy policies of any third party site to learn how they collect and use information that is gathered.


Email Policy:

This policy is based on opt-in subscription. Opt-in subscription is a key element of our business and an essential factor for newsletter publishers to successfully communicate with partners, clients and prospects. This requires that publishers who make use of our service only distribute e-mail to persons or organizations who have explicitly requested it, or with which they have a pre-existing personal or business relationship that can be verified. For example, customer purchases, organization membership, or requests for information would be valid connections. Correspondence that is relevant and contextual to an original relationship is also acceptable.

We offer customers tools to assist in building permission-based subscriber lists. Opt-in subscription management tools must be employed on every outgoing email and opt-out requests must be honored and remembered without exception. Customers who upload email lists must agree to these terms and are required to provide supporting documentation indicating the opt-in nature of their list upon request.

Third party lists are not acceptable for use on our network. It is not possible to transfer permission from one person or company to another person or company.